Here are 7 Online Mathematics Tuition for Primary and Secondary School Students in Singapore and Malaysia

06 Apr 2020
Here are 7 Online Mathematics Tuition for Primary and Secondary School Students in Singapore and Malaysia

Here are 7 Online Mathematics Tuition for Primary and Secondary School Students in Singapore and Malaysia


With the advancement of technology and digital tools, online tuition is emerging as an alternative, and sometimes better option to the traditional way of getting tuition. Students in various countries are picking up the online tutoring trend, and so do students in Singapore and its neighbouring country Malaysia. Now, students have more choices other than tuition centres and home tuition, when it comes to getting a helping hand for their homework. 


Speaking of tuition centres and home tuition, there is a misconception that the higher price you pay the better quality of tuition you get. It is not always the case. Moreover, the emergence of digital technology has not only helped to eliminate the distance barrier, it also manage to help the tuition provider to keep the cost low. With the reduction in office rental, transportation fee, utilities and all other overhead cost, these savings can then be passed on to parents and students, enabling the students to enjoy the same quality of tuition with a lower rate now and of course, the parents got to give the best to their children without burning a hole in the pocket. 


If you have decided to switch to online tuition, or for those who have not taken up an online class before but are keen to try it out, here is a list on the online tuition provider for you. With the list hopefully it will give you some clue on where to start. 




teachnlearn logo

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teachnlearn is a Singapore-based online tuition marketplace which has now also expanded to Malaysia market and set up an office at Kuala Lumpur. Founded in 2017, they have a large pool of tutors offering one-to-one live online tutoring for a wide variety of subjects like English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, History and etc. Whether you are a student preparing to sit for the national exam, or just need a quick help on your assignment, you can now get assistance from the experts more easily at anytime and anywhere. 


All you need to do is to sign up at their website for free account, select the subjects and wait for the matching system to filter out a list of qualified tutors for you. Then, after selecting preferred tutor and lesson slot, wait for the reply from the tutor and prepare for your class. It is just that easy! During the tutoring session, you may interact with your tutor using the video or audio chats, messaging features and the interactive whiteboard.   


The tutoring rate is not stated on their website as it is determined by individual tutor. Do take note that they charge a service fee of 5% of the tutoring session amount so make sure to check the total fee charged with them before confirming the tutor. 


ChampionTutor Online

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ChampionTutor Online is an online tutoring platform that boast various tutors from different countries with different background and expertise. Students may use their “Search Tutors” function which is located on the header and filter by different category, such as gender, level, subject, country and budget. The tutors’ profile are also shown on their page so that it is easier for you to select your preferred tutors.   


In order to engage their tutors, you must first create an account at their website and log in to make a request. Then, you will receive applicants who will apply for your posted job and you may then chat with the tutors before making decision. Upon deciding preferred tutor and schedule, lesson will be conducted online on their website through the online whiteboard system which you will be able to text, voice or video call with the tutor. If you can’t decide which tutor to choose, you may also try their 30minutes free trial. 


The tuition fee ranges from USD 10/ hour onwards and varies depending on the tutors’ qualifications and experience. Rest assured that they will automatically convert the rate to your local currency so you do not have to worry about any calculation inaccuracy. 



Tuition On The Go



Tuition On The Go is a new comer in online tuition industry in Malaysia. It was established in 2019 with the goal of revolutionizing education environment by providing a system that allows students and parents to choose their preferred tutors with a click on their smart phones or tablet. As this platform is fairly new, you might not be able to find more information on their website. Also, they have limited number of tutors and mostly provide tutoring in science and math subjects only.


Tuition On The Go allows students to make appointment instantly with the tutors by using their own booking system. They have more flexibility in allowing more than one students to attend the lesson together. By paying a little more, you may invite your classmate to attend the class with you. You may just state the number of students for the class you booked in their booking system. Once the lesson is confirm, you will be able to learn from the lesson using their video chat classroom.           


Their tutors’ rates start from RM 30/hour. 



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TeachMe is an online education platform in Malaysia that provides on-demand tutoring and online teaching lessons. There is not much information on their website. However, they do have quite a number of tutors offering online teaching service to primary and secondary students. Most of the tutors are on part time basis as some of them are undergraduates who have just finished their exam or working professionals who would like to share their knowledge and expertise with the students. The tutors’ profile are all available for viewing with their charge rates clearly are also stated.   


The way TeachMe operates is pretty much the same as other platform stated above. You may filter your search by subjects and grades, and the tutors that suit your requirement will appear. You may then request a lesson from the preferred tutor and once the lesson is scheduled, you will enter the virtual classroom and get one on one guidance from your tutor. 


As TeachMe is more like a free market that allows those tutors who are keen to gain teaching experience to list their service, the rate of each tutor varies hugely. Some tutors charge at RM 50/ hour while those with less experience have even offered to teach at no charge.



Image from is an online learning platform that helps to enhance students’ academic performance by the means of self-learning among the students. With its educational materials that is visually attractive and reward system, it motivates students to study using their online study material at the comfort of their own home. They also provide test and question for the students and correct answers will earn them badges and points. Another feature of their platform is they can ask their friends on their community whenever they face any difficult questions. 


According to their website, they develop the online platform and their study materials with the collaboration of University of Malaya(UM)’s Research and Development (RND) in psychological element and information technology direction. Currently they offer all subjects for primary and secondary students. So far, they have received some positive feedback from the parents and students.


They offer 3 learning package for three level of study, which is RM50/ month for one primary student user, RM 70/ month for one PT3 user and RM 90/ month for one SPM user. There is a activation fee of RM 300 upon sign up. 



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Snapask is a mobile apps that enables students to ask question with a snapshot and then matches them with a tutor to begin an instant one-to-one learning session. Unlike other online tutoring and learning platforms that allow you to search preferred tutors and schedule a lesson, this apps uses its algorithm to match you with available tutors based on the questions you snap and post. In such way, you can get help from a tutor instantly whenever you are stuck with your home work problems. It also let you to learn from your tutor in any communication channels that you are comfortable with, be it pictures, audio or text messages. After the tutoring session, the students can rate them on the apps so that the platform can keep track of its tutors’ performance. Another feature of this apps is students are able to view their past questions for revision and ongoing questions. This helps the students to monitor their progress. 


Snapask has been around for 5 years since its inception in 2015. It has a presence at 8 Asian countries and regions nowadays, including Singapore and Malaysia. Its plans are priced at $168.98 (RM 169.90 for Malaysia) per month for unlimited questions asked and $108.98 per month for 50 sessions. There are also session packages selling at $19.98 for 5 sessions, $68.98 for 30 sessions while for Malaysia, the rate are RM 5.90 for 1 session, RM 39.90 for 10 sessions and RM 89.90 for 25 sessions. They also have other special packages that are targeted for complex group questions. 





iMath is an online learning community that is created for Mathematics learners. Their founder, Liu Yueh Mei saw how the geographical constraint hinder students around the world to access high quality Mathematics teaching resources. So, she came up with this online learning platform which is a combination of community-based guidance and one-to-one teaching for those students who face difficulties in their math home work, and strive to give the best learning experience to students regardless of countries and ages. 


iMath has a Community Wall that allows anyone with math question to post it and then get answered from the Community Wall members, who are a group of math experts, math enthusiasts and parents. The best thing is, the Community Wall is free of charge and anyone can join the Community Wall to post questions or go through the questions posted by other members. Students can use those questions to practice and improve their maths skills. Their Community Wall can be accessed through visiting their website at or downloading their apps on Google Play Store and Apple Apps Store. 


If you still need more guidance, iMath provides a 30 minutes of one-to-one video call session with their professional tutors. They have a team of experienced tutors who are passionate about Mathematics and teaching. iMath also has other useful features such as My Wall where students can choose the math topics with the settings, and get reminder for scheduled tutoring sessions. The lessons can be recorded and are available for review for 12 months after the lesson is completed.     


iMath’s Community Wall is open to everyone free of charge. Their one on one video call tutoring session starts from $15(about RM 46)/ 30mins onwards.   



Currently, online tutoring in Singapore and Malaysia is still less popular comparing to that in other nations like the U.K. or the America. The more popular way of conducting the lessons are still in the form of one-to-one video or live chat. 

However, the advantages that online tuition brings, which is the flexibility and savings in time and money are unparalleled. The constant improvement in our digital communication tools also means better quality of audio and visual technology that will make sure the quality of teaching and learning will not be compromised. The Covid-19 pandemic “exploded” this year which has severely affected students in both Malaysia and Singapore shall serve as a signal for us to re-look the online tutoring and learning industry.   

Hence, I would personally recommend you, to try out the online tutoring and learning platforms. As a starting point, you may try iMath as it comes with Community Wall and personalized tutoring whereas most of other online platforms only provide one on one lessons. Also, if you do not wish to make any financial decision yet, you may grab hold of the chance to explore the Community Wall first and learn from other members through their questions and answers.