Here are 5 Sources that Carry Singapore Math Samples

27 Oct 2019
Here are 5 Sources that Carry Singapore Math Samples

Maths in Singapore is rigorous. A solid proof of this is the fact that there exists a “Singapore Math.” There is no British Math or Japanese Math, yet there is Singapore Math, which is just called “maths” by local students. This means that Singapore has a unique method of teaching math that other nations have adapted. Another proof is the lucrative tuition industry, which at present is at an estimated $S1.4 billion. Another is the emergence of “super tutors,” which is popular and can only be found in Singapore. From group learning to one-on-one private tutorials, when it comes to alternative and supplemental learning, Singapore has thought of it all.

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Despite these, the modern-day maths student still has countless concerns. One such concern is the need for customized assistance. This becomes handy when a student encounters difficulty in one specific area or particular question. For example, you are a Primary 4 student who has a private tutor. You have math homework due in the morning, yet your tutorial session is scheduled tomorrow afternoon. You try to be independent and do your homework alone. You want to get a perfect score, and in fact you are confident about your answers. Yet there is one item that you feel unsure about. Let’s assume that you have tried answering that item and just needs someone to check it. For that, would you need to schedule a session with your tutor ASAP?

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The question is just a typical example of a situation that maths students face. Despite many options, a student can still feel boggled and bogged down at times. A tuition centre may provide additional learning. Yet with the teacher-to-student ratio of most centres, this can be quite difficult. A private tutor can be helpful, but it can be costly. Plus what are the chances that your tutor is available for an unscheduled session? Given these, it can be hard to find an answer right when you need an answer. That is why most students opt to go online to find helpful, fuss-free, and on-time answers to lessen their confusion.

What sites offer Singapore Maths samples?

At present, there are very few sources that offer free Singapore maths sample problems and solutions. That is why these sites are rare, even though some are rudimentary and have a very basic user interface.


This online source has printable maths worksheets for Primary 1 to Primary 6 students. It has a very basic interface design that may not be appealing for children, but parents and/or tutors may find it practical. It offers printable sample exercises about Problem Sums, Measurement, and Problem Questions. Students who tend to be self-starters can simply print any worksheet and answer it by themselves. They may also check it independently by simply referring to the correct answers below the questions. However, for students who require a more guided approach, the worksheets may be too challenging. This is because instead of step-by-step solutions, only workings or direct solutions are given. Therefore, a parent or a tutor might need to hand-hold the student through the answering and/or checking process.

2. Seriously Addictive Mathematics

Seriously Addictive Mathematics – is a resource that combines worksheets-based learning and classroom-based instruction. It has articles that discuss complex word problems along with sample answers and solutions. However, it does not provide sample problems for all Singapore maths level. That said, this source can be for students who experience difficulty in word problems since processes are analyzed step-by-step.

3. Singapore Math Guru calls itself “a resource library of Singapore math questions and its exact video solutions.” It has numerous maths questions linked to videos that show step-by-step solutions. Its math resources for Primary 1 to Primary 3 students are free. These contain over 2000 math drill questions, worksheets, and exam practice papers with worked solutions. For Primary 4 to Primary 6, their resources come with over 100 hours of step-by-step video solutions and over a thousand drill questions. However, unlike the Primary 1 to Primary 3 modules, these modules cost $399.90 each.

4. Ask Many Tutors

This website offers free math homework help to students in Singapore. simply instructs you to take a snapshot of your homework, upload it on their website, and wait for an answer. A tutor will email the solution to the student for free, and information about this tutor can be seen by the student. Answers are shown on the website, and for a student who is only looking to check his work, this can be helpful. However, for students who need help analyzing the problem-solving process, this may not be the best solution. Rote learning is risked as the student may merely copy workings on his homework without understanding the problem and the solution provided.

iMath Could be Your Smart Option

It is at this point that iMath comes in handy. No more waiting for a scheduled tutorial session. No more frustration over one baffling maths question. No more wondering about the correct workings. iMath’s Community Wall allows specific questions to be answered directly, along with the workings and explanations, in a way that feels supportive. This means that students can post math-related questions in a safe space and expect real-time answers from a tutor, a parent, or a fellow student. Which means that collaborative thinking is encouraged! Also, since the questions are posted real-time, parents can expect that contents are up-to-date and are according to the current Singapore maths education syllabus.

This is because iMath isn’t simply a shoot-post-answer homework help provider that will leave students feeling lost and alone in everyday academic math challenges. iMath is made up of math thinkers, enthusiasts, and experts that want you to feel like math is one big community—because it is! And here at iMath, everyone is welcome—including you! If you want to try iMath, download the app and experience what it’s like to have the iMath community have your back!

This post was written by Louise Adrianne Lopez.