Consolidated Options for Math Tuition on Kiasuparents Forum

15 Jun 2020
Consolidated Options for Math Tuition on Kiasuparents Forum

Math is a tough subject to grapple with, and many of us cannot help but shudder when we think back about the times we had to go through one too many math examinations. For many students, math is a struggle to go through, and only a lucky few will be able to excel in it naturally. For the rest, doing well for math in school takes a lot more effort, and extra help is always welcome. Especially with the coronavirus raging and causing disruptions to the school term, getting your child that extra help with school is all the more important today.

 As parents, we would definitely want to make the best resources available for our children, which includes providing them with adequate access to the help they need to do their best throughout their time in school. When the classes in school are not sufficient for your child to get the best understanding of the tough math concepts that they are teaching nowadays, external math tuition is often something that parents turn to. For parents who are not experts in math and find themselves lost when staring at their child’s math homework, getting external tuition is really the only choice. For parents who did well in math when they were younger, external tuition remains an attractive option, as they might not always have extra time to teach their child, or are simply not well acquainted with the concepts and methods that are being taught in classes today. After all, most parents would not have used concepts such as models when they were studying in school, and would not know how to help when their child comes to them with questions in the new math curriculum.


The vast world of Math Tuition in Singapore


If you have a child in school struggling with math, and are in search of math tuition options, read on, as we will help you to consolidate the options that are available in the market today. With math tuition booming in Singapore, and so many different options available for us to choose from, picking the right type of math tuition for our child can be a daunting task. If you are currently pouring over forum after forum, reading about all the math tuition options available and simply feeling lost, fret not as we have your back! Here, we have consolidated all the options available for math tuition on the Kiasuparents forum to save you time from pouring through all of it. If you are trying to figure out the best math tuition option for your child, read on as we will help you though your decision making!


The Options for Math Tuition


1.     Tuition Centres



This is the classic option that comes to mind when you think of tuition— the brick and mortar tuition centre. Tuition centres typically offer a fixed schedule of classes held at their physical tuition centre. When you sign your child up for math tuition at a tuition centre, you will have to choose a fixed slot for your child to attend classes. Some tuition centres offer weekly classes, while others provide more intensive options of having multiple sessions per week. The classes offered at these tuition centres can vary in class size depending on which one you opt for. These classes proceed on a pre-planned curriculum, and are very similar to a class experience your child would have in school.



If your child thrives in the familiarity of a classroom setting, enrolling your child for math tuition at a tuition centre can be the right fit for him. Tuition centres also often offer a more regimented planned curriculum, which your child might prefer. Certain tuition centres also offer specially designed classes or use specific teaching methods unique to them, so if you find a tuition centre with a teaching style your child might really enjoy, it can be a great option to enroll your child in one of these classes.



If flexibility is important to you, enrolling your child at a tuition centre might not be the best option. Tuition centres typically offer classes at fixed timings, and you will have to try to fit these classes into your schedule. If your child has many other commitments and enrichment lessons, trying to schedule a math tuition session at a tuition centre can be a struggle. For all busy working parents out there, it can also be hard to find time amidst your busy schedule, or make arrangements to send your child to the tuition centre for his class.


Besides that, the classes offered at these tuition centres often follow a fixed curriculum, which might not suit every child. This means that there is no option for the sessions to focus more heavily on the topics and areas that your child is having more trouble with. This can result in less efficient use of your child’s time, as extra time might be spent on going through concepts that your child already mastered. The pace of the classes also cannot be altered to suit the specific needs of your child, and hence might leave your child either bored or struggling to catch up with the rest of the tuition group.


2.     Private Tuition



Private tuition has gained much popularity over the years. With private tuition, you hire a specific tutor to carry out the math tuition sessions with your child. You can either choose a small group tuition setting, or a one on one tutoring session with the tutor. With private tuition, the tuition session is usually carried out at the tutor’s or your house, and scheduling options are definitely more flexible compared to tuition centre classes. Often, we get to know of private tutors through word of mouth and recommendations by friends who have hired them to tutor their own children.



Private tuition is a lot more flexible compared to the conventional tuition centre option, as you will get to directly arrange the class timings and location with private tutor. If the class is arranged at your house, it will also cut down on much travelling time that eats into the quality time you have with your child. For all the busy parents and students out there, this is a great option to consider.


The flexibility you get with private tuition also extends to what is being taught in the tuition sessions itself. With private tuition, you will be able to get the tutor to focus specifically on the topics or concepts that your child is weaker in, making more efficient use of your child’s time. You can also choose a tutor that complements the learning style of your child in order to maximise your child’s learning from the tuition sessions.


If you opt for the one on one private tuition option, this also means that your child will be able to get the maximum attention from the tutor, compared to a group tuition setting where the tutor’s attention will be split amongst all the students in the class. This can help your child get more targeted help, and can also be a great option if your child is having problems with paying attention in a larger class.



Private tuition is usually more expensive compared to enrolling your child at a tuition centre for a group class, so it will not be the best option if you looking for math tuition options for your child on a budget. Besides that, although private tuition is a more flexible option compared to tuition centre classes, it still operates on a pre-fixed schedule, which means that your child might not be able to get some last minute help for his homework if a tuition session is not scheduled that day, or some emergency help for his math test the next day. 


3.     Online Tuition


Online tuition is something that many of us are less familiar with, especially since most of us grew up without being surrounded by technology. However, it is an option that is getting picked up by parents rapidly, especially with the movement restrictions today causing us to turn to these less conventional tuition options.


With online tuition, the tuition sessions are conducted over the internet platform, without any need for your child to meet up face to face with the tutor. While some might be skeptical about this new way of conducting tuition, developments in video and audio conferencing technology has resulted in the ability to recreate a face to face tuition experience online.


With all the online tuition options out there, iMath is one of the best options. iMath is an online learning community that is focused on mathematics. Their app is easy to download, and you really can get your child started with it anytime in the convenience of your home. There is a community wall feature on the platform, which allows your child to post a math question he is stuck with for free. After that, other users of the platform and the tutors on the platform can post their answers in reply to your child’s post. If your child is looking for more help and guidance, one on one online video help can also be sought from one of the iMath tutors. You can arrange for your child to attend scheduled classes with a specific tutor online, or choose to seek help from any other tutor if your child’s regular tutor is not available.



Online tuition can be conducted anytime and anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. This makes it a lot more flexible compared to all the other tuition options on this list. Also, with iMath, your child can get last minute help with his math problems anytime without any pre-scheduled sessions, so your child will never be stuck without help if his math test is on the very next day.


If you are worried about racking up on tuition fees, iMath is also a great option. The iMath app is free for anyone to download, and your child can post math questions on the community wall for free too. Besides that, since the live one on one video lessons are paid for on demand, you will only be paying for the help that your child needs, making it one of the most cost effective options available.



Online tuition might not be the best option for your child if he or she struggles to focus without a tutor physically by their side. However, with the technology improvements in live video conferencing, online video tutoring sessions really do make it feel like the tutor is right by your side, so most students will not struggle with this.

We hope that we have helped you to get an overview of the math tuition options available in Singapore, and that this puts you in a better position to choose the best math tuition option for your child! Every child is different, so do make sure to make the choice with your child’s specific needs in mind to ensure that you find a right fit.