Consider the 8 Online Tuition Centres in Singapore focused on Math

22 Mar 2020
Consider the 8 Online Tuition Centres in Singapore focused on Math

Consider the 8 online tuition centres in Singapore focused on math




Online tuition is the new thing that is all the rage today, and they really are becoming more common in Singapore. If you are wondering what online tuition is, it simply is tuition that is conducted online. Unlike the face to face tuition that you might be more familiar with, where you bring your child to a tuition center for lessons or hire a home tutor to come to your house for the tuition lesson, online tuition, as its name suggests, is all conducted online. By simply connecting to the internet, you will be able to use these online tuition platforms to access tuition services for your child. There are many forms of online tuition, ranging from pre-recorded lessons to live video sessions with a tutor. Online tuition is a great option for busy parents and children who do not have the time to travel to physical tuition locations, as the tuition sessions can be conducted anytime at home. Especially with technology being incorporated into the everyday schoolwork of students even from a young age, online tuition is a great option for your child to get more familiar with using technology to learn, as well as to utilise the different features and functions of online platforms to better engage your child in learning.


Many parents out there might be afraid of increasing their child’s exposure to technological devices because of the pre-conceived idea that technological devices are distractions from their learning, but when used correctly, that really is not true. Instead, these devices can be used as great learning tools to maximise your child’s learning potential. Technological devices should be embraced and seen as devices that can help your child with school, and online tuition is just one example of how this can be done.


8 online tuition centers in Singapore to consider


With the emphasis on e-learning and smart classrooms today, online tuition centers have been springing up in the dozens. While online tuition services were easier to find in other countries before, the trend has definitely caught up in Singapore. Today, there is a pool of online tuition services out in the web for us to choose from, and we really are spoilt for choice. With so many options out there, it can be hard to navigate the whole online tuition scene to find the best fit for your child. After all, with so many options to choose from, where can you even start looking? If you are interested in signing up your child for some online math tuition, but find yourself lost in all the options you have, fret not, as we have done all the hard work for you and compiled a list of some of the best online tuition centers in Singapore for you to consider.


Here are the 8 online tuition centers that are worth looking into:

  1. Tutopiya
  2. Champion Tutor Online
  3. Terry Chew Academy
  4. Superstar Teacher
  5. ACE-Learning
  6. Ace Scorers
  7. Teachnlearn
  8. iMath


  1. Tutopiya







Tutopiya is a global online tutoring service that provides quality tutoring services all around the world. Their extensive reach includes the United Kingdom, India and Malaysia among many other places. Of course, since they have made their way onto this list, they provide tutoring services in Singapore too. Tutopiya offers online math tutoring services to a wide range of students- those taking the IB Diploma, the IGCSE and !B MYP, the GCE A levels, and the GCE O levels. Although they operate in many different countries, you do not need to worry about whether they are well qualified to teach the Singaporean math syllabus to your children as they are definitely well equipped with tutors who are fully capable of imparting the skills your child needs to tackle the math papers in Singapore. In fact, they claim that 80% of their IB Diploma students scored 6 and 7 points for the May 2018 Exams, as testament to the effectiveness of their tutoring services.


The tutors at Tutopiya are sourced from the best, and Tutopiya states that 50% of their tutors are First Class Honours Graduates from the World's best Universities. The tutors also use teaching resources that are specially developed and sourced by Tutopiya, which are designed to be effective and memorable. The one to one video lessons with the tutor is highly personalised, and tutors will customise the lessons specifically to suit the needs of your child. This means that the lessons will go at the pace that is comfortable for your child to maximise his learning. Tutors will also be able to give all their attention to your child during the tutoring session, unlike in group tuition lessons where a tutor will have to divide his attention among all the students in clas.


Unlike a pre-taped online math lesson, Tutopiya’s live video tutoring sessions allow tutors to provide answers to your child’s questions immediately, ensuring that your child will be able to get instant help with any difficult concepts or problems. The live video lessons can also be recorded from the start and accessed anytime if your child needs a little recap. This is an especially useful feature if your child needs a little more time to understand the concepts being taught, as the explanations provided by the tutor can be revisited whenever your child wishes. If you are concerned about how the lessons are going, these recordings can also help you to monitor your child’s progress and the quality of the tutoring sessions.


Tutopiya offers three different plans- the Starter Plan, the Standard Plan and the Regular Plan. The Starter Plan comes with 5 hours of live individual lessons, the Standard Plan comes with 10 hours and the Regular Plan comes with 15 hours. All of the plans come with a lifetime access to study materials, exam question banks and lesson recordings, and your child will be able to chat with the tutor anytime. If you are interested in trying them out, they offer trial classes for all of their plans.


Tutopiya is well reviewed by those who have used their online tutoring services, with parent Detoya Neal-Richburg rating Tutopiya’s online tutoring services 5 stars and claiming that: “My child is anti tutor but really prefers being tutored virtually. The lessons are recorded and can be viewed again at any time for a refresher. She can rest comfortably in her own space during the lesson which helps to reduce the stress associated with Maths. This also allows the rest of the family to go about business as usual in the house without having a guest or having to travel anywhere for the lesson.”


  1. Champion Tutor Online






Champion Tutor Online is an online tutoring platform that works on an online whiteboard system. Your child can schedule an online tutoring session with a tutor, or if they have any questions that they are stuck with, they can also post a job to get someone to help them with what they are having some trouble with. The online lessons are carried out on the tuition website. Your child will be given an account to access the platform when you sign up. The online whiteboard system that is used is equipped with audio, video and chat features, allowing your child to maximise his learning experience during the tuition sessions. The lessons can be recorded and played again anytime at your child’s convenience.


A useful feature for busy parents is that an email reminder will be sent a day before a scheduled lesson, ensuring that you stay on top of the schedule and not forget when the tuition sessions are arranged to be held. To provide easy access to the lessons, a lesson link will also be included in the email reminder, which will bring your child straight to the online lesson.


If you are concerned about the teaching quality of the tutors on the Champion Tutor platform, they have enacted numerous safeguards to help you to feel more comfortable. Tutors have to submit documents to evidence their qualifications to Champion Tutor before they are allowed to start teaching on the platform. A review system on the platform also allows your child to provide feedback about the tutor after every lesson, ensuring that they are doing their job well. Tutors who consistently get poor ratings will be removed from the online tutoring platform to ensure that the quality of tutors remain high. Besides that, Champion Tutor Online also claims that their tutors typically have taught in reputable schools in Singapore who understand the Singaporean curriculum well.


If you are interested in signing your child up for the tutoring services, you can start by creating an account on the website. You will then be able to request for a new tutor and state your requirements for the tutor. Once the tutors on the platform apply to your posted job, you can then chat with them online before deciding on which tutor to get. This gives you some peace of mind and allow you to be a little more comfortable with the tutor that you decide to get for your child for your child’s math lessons. During the chat, you can also settle any administrative details, such as the lesson duration that you want, as well as the fees you are comfortable to pay for then tutoring services. If you are still doubtful, Champion Tutor Online also provides a 30 minutes trial for their online tutoring services, so there really is no harm in just trying it out.


Champion Tutor Online has also been well reviewed by the students who have experienced their online tutoring services, with Jia Hui, a student in CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School stating that: “Very clear explanation from Tutor James, I am able to understand questions quickly.”



  1. Terry Chew Academy






Terry Chew Academy started out back in 2014, and since then, they have established a track record that many other tuition centers cannot help but envy. Terry Chew Academy claims that their students have seen a minimum 2 grade improvement in their results within 6 months, and many have gone on to the best schools in Singapore. While they provide face to face lessons, Terry Chew Academy also offers online math lessons where students can be tutored through live video interaction with their tutors.


The Teaching Framework that the tutors at Terry Chew Academy uses was developed by Mr Terry Chew, which focuses on Singapore MOE's 21st Century Core Competencies that emphasises on critical thinking skills. This is the RA*CE Framework- Roadmap to A*, Critical Thinking and Exam Mastery.


They also specialise in math olympiad programmes, and the tutors are well equipped to train your child in the skills needed for math olympiads. These skills are also transferrable to the PSLE Math curriculum, so it really is a win-win situation. These additional skills will also help your child to tackle tricky math problems and do better than their peers.


The tutors at Terry Chew Academy are all personally picked by Mr Terry Chew, and are put through a 6 week intensive training course before they start teaching. This course helps the incoming tutors to pick up effective teaching techniques that they can use when tutoring your child.


Terry Chew Academy has also been positively reviewed by many parents who send their children to their math tuition lessons. Mr and Ms Foo, the parents of student Cheryl Foo, claims that: “Our girl [Cheryl] has been scoring close to 100/100 from P1 to P4. In P5, her grades dropped to a B but we were lucky to have found a very good tutor who was a top school teacher. He gave Cheryl many tough questions because he believed in over- preparing his students. However, we were shocked to see a C grade in SA2 at the end of P5! 8 months of hard questions did nothing for Cheryl! When we entered TCA, Coach Jolie gauged her ability and started her off at Level 2 and slowly progressed to Level 3 then 4. Our girl scored A* consistently from CA1 to SA1 and eventually got A* for the PSLE as well!”


  1. Superstar Teacher






Superstar Teacher is an online learning tuition service for primary and secondary school students. They first conceptualised their platform in 2011, with the aim of bringing quality tutors to homes through the Internet to make learning more efficient for everyone. The curriculum used is developed by a team of curriculum specialists, and lessons feature interactive quizzes that can help to track your child’s learning. Supplementary worksheets can be downloaded and printed easily using the online platform, and used with the video lessons.


The online video lessons are pre-recorded by the tutors, but with an additional fee, your child can obtain instant homework help by engaging with experts online who will help your child with the problems that he is stuck with. The lessons also come with auto-marking assessments, where the questions in past year exam papers from different schools are grouped by topics and difficulty levels, and can be used by your child as practice for their actual exams. The online video lessons can also be re-watched if your child finds it hard to understand and follow the lesson the first time. A study tracker is also built into the online platform that is used, which allows you to see a comprehensive summary of your child’s lesson progress and how your child did in the interactive quizzes.


Superstar Teacher has also been well reviewed by the students who have tried out their video lessons. Qi Qianhao, a Primary 6 student from Woodgrove Primary School, claims that: “Superstar Teacher save a lot of our time and effort going back and forth to tuition centres. The tips and ways to solve Math questions shared from Superstar Teacher are also better than what I get from my tuition classes. I actually enjoy learning this way (via video lessons) and I like how I can repeatedly view the lessons for my weaker topics. After using Superstar Teacher, I achieved 2nd in class for the first time in n my primary education! My mother likes this programme too because she can still track my progress via the study tracker feature without supervising my revision.”


  1. ACE-Learning






If you have seen your child getting into his e-learning math lessons during school e-learning week, you will probably be familiar with the ACE-Learning platform. More than 75% of secondary schools in Singapore subscribe to the ACE-Learning system, so chances are your child has used it in school before. The learning resources provided in the ACE-Learning system are crafted to cater to a wide range of students, and your child will be able to learn at the pace he is comfortable with. ACE-Learning provides animated video lessons for your child to go through, and uses visuals like the Math VR— a virtual reality and augmented reality system that helps your child to see how math concepts work, regardless of how abstract they might first seem.


Assessment practices are also available on the platform, and the ones at ACE-Learning are powered by the Math Editor and Math Artificial Intelligence Auto-grading engine. This allows your child to answer open-ended questions which are later auto-graded by the AI engine. Immediate feedback will be given to your child when he submits his answers, accompanied with in-built explanations. The Step-by-step Auto-grading engine in the system is built to check every step of your child’s working in his answers, so rest assured that this system is one that works well. If you have problems motivating your child to learn, the platform also uses gamification to motivate your child as he progresses through the lessons and assessments.


The ACE-Learning platform also provides a monitoring system for you to monitor your child’s learning, as well as track the assignments that your child has attempted on the platform. To make it easier for you to have a comprehensive overview of your child’s progress, the system generates graphical real time reports that identifies your child’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to see where your child needs the most help.


Besides the pre-recorded video lessons, if your child encounters a math question he is stuck with, or simply have new questions, there is also an Ask Tutor on Demand service that allows your child to connect to a tutor online. The tutor will be able to give your child personalised help with his questions, making sure that your child is able to understand and master unfamiliar math concepts. This service is based on a pay as you go model, making sure that you will not have to commit to an unnecessary service and only pay for the extra help that your child needs.


  1. Ace Scorers






Ace Scorers is a tuition centre that offers traditional face to face tuition services, but have recently branched out to also provide online tuition for students who do not want to travel to their tuition centres. The only difference with their online tuition lessons is that it is conducted via Skype on any device. This provides students with the flexibility of choosing the tutor that best suits the even if they are usually stationed at a location that is inconvenient for them to travel to, allowing you to choose the best tutor for your child’s learning needs. Besides that, the online aspect of the tuition sessions will help your child to feel more engaged as the online environment provides elements such as video and interactive features to make sure that your child is kept focused on the lessons.


The lessons can also be recorded on your child’s computer, allowing your child to go back to the recording for revision. Busy parents will also be able to monitor their child’s progress, making it a great option not only for your child but also you.


Ace Scorer’s tuition services have received great reviews from many past students, so you know that their online Skype tuition will not disappoint too. Student Gerald Lim, who went for JC 2 Maths (H2) tuition commented: “Gained greater knowledge and methods. The teacher is good and helps me understand concepts which I am unclear about.”


  1. teachnlearn






Founded in 2017, teachnlean is one of the newer online tuition services. However, despite only being in operation for a few years, they have built up a loyal base of customers for themselves. teachnlearn is an online tutoring marketplace that provides students and tutors an interactive online classroom to conduct lessons from the comfort of your home. The tutors at teachnlearn are well experienced in teaching Singapore students, and range from MOE certified educators to full time tutors. The online lessons are also recorded and can be replayed on the platform anytime your child wishes to go through the math concepts again. 


If you are interested in trying them out, you can sign up for a free account and list out what you are looking for. The matching system then filters a list of tutors that match what you need, and you can then decide which tutor will be the best fit for your child. Lessons can be fixed to make sure that they fit into your child’s busy schedule, and the tutors will respond promptly upon being notified of your booking.


teachnlearn has been well reviewed by parents who sign their children up for these services, with Geraldine Loe, the parent of two secondary school children who uses the teachnlearn tutoring platform claiming that: “When my children learn at home, I can monitor whether the tutors are good and track the progress of my children/ Booking can be easily done on my handphone too!

  1. iMath






iMath is an online learning community with a specific focus on math. They are one of the few online tuition services that specialise in math tuition, and unlike just straight up video lessons, they provide an entire learning community for your child to learn in.


iMath comes with many different features that all go toward creating an environment for your child to best learn in. Firstly, there are the live video tutoring sessions that you can book for your child, which are recorded for your child to recap what he learnt in the lessons at his convenience. The recordings include the writing on Whiteboard, making sure that your child is able to follow every step when he plays it back to revisit the lesson again. The sessions are also tracked via the iMath app, and upcoming sessions are featured as reminders, making sure that you do not miss any lessons again. This keeps you and your child organised regardless of how crazy your day to day schedule might be.


iMath also has a community wall feature that allows your child to post pictures of math problems that he is stuck with to allow other iMath users to help to answer these problems. This provides a safe community for your child to learn in. Besides getting help for the problems that your child face, your child is also able to engage with the questions that other iMath users post on the community wall. This interactive feature not only encourages your child to be excited about learning, but also provides additional practice so that your child can be exposed to a wide range of different math questions. Tackling these different math sums will help your child to be more prepared to tackle any curveball questions in his math exams, giving him an edge over his other classmates.


If your child is stuck with a math problem and needs urgent help from a tutor, the iMath platform also allows you to arrange 30 minute one to one video call sessions with any available tutor on the platform, making sure that your child gets the help he needs even if his regular tutor is not available. This feature is especially useful for busy parents who might not have time to help their children with their homework after coming home from work, as well as parents who have long forgotten how to tackle math problems and are unable to help their children with their math homework.


This platform, with its various features and novel concept of creating a whole online learning community for students, have received excellent reviews from parents who sign their children up for iMath. Amomg others, Joanne Heng, parent of two primary school children – P3 & P5, gave iMath great reviews for their online tutoring services: “Thank you for this clever idea of online tutoring. It gives me a break from the ferrying and driving under the hot sun! On the whole, I like the entire idea; like it that I can sit in with her to learn; like it that I’ll always be in touch with the topics discussed; like the flexibility of being able to change time due to unforeseen circumstances.”


If you are interested in trying the iMath services, you can easily download the iMath app to your devices for free, so there really is no harm doing so!




There really are so many online math tuition services out in the market today, and we are simply spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing one for our child. The different services however, range greatly in terms of what they provide- some services provide only pre-recorded lessons, while some offer live video sessions that will allow your child to interact real time with a tutor. Make sure that you do your research before finding the best option for your child. If you are looking beyond simple tuition services, iMath is a great option, as it focuses on building an entire learning community to compliment the online live video tuition services that they offer, making sure that your child is able to be fully engaged in learning. We hope that the above compilation of online math tutoring services will help you to make a more thoughtful choice on what to sign your child up for to make sure that your child gets the best learning experience possible!