7 Options for Affordable Primary Math Tuition Online

11 Jun 2020
7 Options for Affordable Primary Math Tuition Online

Some say that Mathematics is the language of the universe. From the use of abstract logic to engage in deductive reasoning to simple sums intended to train the ability to think in the minds of our young ones, the benefits of mathematics are apparent. With such value placed on our understanding of math, the subject of mathematics is not going away in schools anytime soon. While some children are naturally proficient in mathematics, some children struggle to pass their classes. Math tuition can help to bridge the gap between your child’s current math ability and his or her true potential. While looking for affordable primary math tuition online, the search doesn’t have to be difficult for you as well. As such, we have compiled 7 options for affordable primary math tuition online for you to consider. 

In your search, it would be wise to keep in mind that it is not always the case that the more expensive the tuition cost, the more value your child derives from said tuition. You could consider your child’s learning style – are they a self-directed learner? Or do they prefer a more guided and watchful approach to learning mathematics? Do they prefer private tutoring? Or group tuition where there are other students around? According to the child’s learning style and preferred learning environment, the right choice will affect which kinds of tuition will help your child most effectively. 

Reasons Why Math is Important


1. SMILE Tutor


SMILE Tutor is a service that aims to transform the home tuition industry with tutor matching for students.  You simply call, Whatsapp or fill in a web form to request for a tutor and their coordinators will reach out to you with a tutor. With home tuition, your child gets a 1 to 1 attention on their studies, whether it be math, science, English or art subjects. As compared to group tuition, the increased focus and attention that a student gets from home tuition may benefit kids differently.

Take note however, that tuition rates vary according to whether the tutor is a part-time tutor, a full-time tutor, or MOE teachers that are conducting the lesson. The tuition rates ranges from $25 to $70 an hour for primary school students 


2. Math Prodigies


It is well-known that the subject of mathematics can be tough for students. Math Prodigies is well-known for their Holistic Math Mastery Approach , a method that aims to provide students with the problem-solving skills needed to excel in math. Through a 4 stage programme complemented with success coaching, the enrichment centre aims to empower your child with the skills to do well in mathematics. 

Their rates range from a monthly fee of $200 - $280 depending on the child’s primary level. With 2 hours per class weekly and a maximum class size of 8 students, your child is bound to get the attention he/she needs to improve in mathematics.


3. EduFirst Learning Centre


EduFirst Learning centre is a 2-time award winner of “Best Enrichment & Learning Schools” by Parents World. A well-known tuition centre, EduFirst provides mathematics tuition to primary school students from Primary 1 to primary 6. Adopting the use of Heuristics to teach children problem solving skills, they learn to tackle difficult mathematical problems with ease. 


EduFirst Tuition centre rates range from $140 to $160 depending on your child’s primary level, for the first subject taught by the tuition centre. They are for 4 sessions per subject, monthly and the rates change depending on how many subjects your child decides to take up. 


4. Math Learning Groups (MLGS)



Math Learning Groups (MLGS) is an enrichment centre that aims to bridge the learning gap between the better and weaker students, with affordable tuition fees. Their motto is teaching with a heart, and they work to identify each student's learning ability and provide appropriate and effective teaching to bring out their maximum potential.

MLGS provides two types of tutoring services for students. The first is a group tuition service, and the second, private tuition for students from primary 3 to primary 6, with a 1 hour 45 mins duration per session. Their group math tuition rates range from $120 per month to $130 per month, depending on the child’s primary level, while the private math tuition classes with a one to one focus range from $80 to $90 each lesson, with a  duration of 1hour 45 mins. 


5. A Grader Learning Centre


If convenience is a factor in deciding between tuition services for your primary school child, A Grader Learning Centre is a tuition centre that has 14 outlets island-wide serving thousands of students and parents. From Yishun to Boonlay, Tampines to Tiong Bahru, A Grader learning centre is bound to have an outlet close to your home. With most physical tuition classes, A Grader has shifted to “Live” lessons online. They also offer trial sessions with no upfront deposits and registration fees for a start. This way, your child can get a taster of their lessons and style of teaching with minimal risk of commitment.

The prices and schedules of classes differ among the different branches, but taking their outlet at Ang Mo Kio (Djitsun Mall) as a reference, the rates for a primary level math tuition (4 sessions per month) ranges from $95.17 to $107.17, depending on the student’s primary level. 


6. Elite Tutor


Elite Tutor is a home tuition specialist that aims to match tutors to students. Simply submit a request for a home tutor and their coordinators will contact you within 24 hours or less. With home tutoring, your primary school child will get the benefit of one to one attention and direct feedback on questions or unfamiliar mathematical concepts. 

The estimated hourly rates for primary level math tuition ranges from $18 to $70 per hour, depending on which kinds of tutors you hire. Naturally, the MOE teachers (Current or Ex), command a higher per hour charge, as compared to Student tutors (Diploma, A level or Undergraduates). Moreover, the tutor’s experience, qualification, location and timetable also affect the quoted rate. Contact them to get a quote. 


7. iMath 


iMath is an online learning community focused on mathematics, utilising digital technology to help students excel in their academic performance by fostering healthy human connections to be available anytime. The founder’s vision is that “With technology, we want to enable every deserving student to receive help and assistance from a caring teacher, not bound by locality of both parties.” With iMath, you need not fret about your child having to travel far for tuition classes, or risk outside contact with inadequate social distancing measures. Using a phone, or tablet, you can readily access affordable math tuition for your primary school child.

iMath differs from other affordable math tuition centres in that it is there at your convenience. With regards to timing and rescheduling, iMath makes it easy to schedule classes online, or even ask questions for free with their community wall. The team of math experts and parents are always ready to help answer your queries and doubts. With the community wall, simple concepts can quickly be answered and clarified, such that students can move to tackle more difficult or challenging problem sums.

Instead of attending compulsory classes that you have paid for in advance, pay only for what you need! Use the community wall for tough questions, and request a 30 minute, 1 to 1 video call session with available tutors to clarify concepts or seek further explanation. A 1-1 session is $15 for 30 mins, truly an avenue for affordable math tuition for primary school students. 

Moreover, with iMath, there is increased accountability. Parents can be there during a child’s tutoring session to observe the session and help your child if need be. If a tutor does not meet your standards, simply change the tutor. iMath has a range of tutors to choose from. With online tutoring sessions, you need not worry about geography, or travelling across Singapore to get a good tutor. 

With the easy to use interface and clear graphics, any student with a smartphone can seek help for their math queries and improve their understanding. 

Check out the features that iMath has today!

In conclusion, when searching for affordable primary math tuition online, the vast array of choices can be baffling and overwhelming. It helps to narrow down the kind of math tuition you would want for your child. In this period of uncertainty and crisis in the COVID-19 pandemic, many opt for online tutoring classes instead. While some tuition centres keep their academic timetable structure of 4 weekly lessons a month and charge monthly fees, iMath is a pay per session service that ensures that you only pay for the sessions you need. If your child requires more math help, the sessions can easily be increased to an efficient number every week. If your child requires less math help, maybe 2 sessions a month also suffices. 

With the right help, mathematics does not have to be difficult for primary school students. Check out iMath today!